Finance Ministry to borrow RON 4.74bn in November

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The Finance Ministry aims to borrow in November RON 4.73 billion, by RON 65 million more than in the previous month.

In October, the Finance Ministry aimed at attracting RON 4.675 billion, by 18.8% more than in September, reports.

On the other hand, it will sell treasury bonds worth RON 600 million, by 30% less than in the previous month, in one auction on November 26, due in one year. In October, the ministry attracted RON 900 million, by 50% over the level in the previous month, in two auctions.

The Finance Ministry also wants to add to this amount RON 540 million from the supplementary sessions of non-competitive offers, a level by 9% higher than in the previous month.

Four of the sessions with Government bonds are of RON 600 million, one of RON 400 million, two of RON 300 million, another one of RON 200 million and one of RON 100 million, the same source informs.


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