Ford to suspend car production in Craiova for one month

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The plant in Craiova will combine the days of technical unemployment with the free holidays and the days of annual leave, so the plant’s employees at the Department of Vehicles to be on leave four weeks, and those from the Motors Department to stop work for three weeks, ‘Gazeta de Sud’ informs.

The production of Ford B-Max is interrupted at Craiova plant since December 9 and will be resumed next year, as of January 9.

During the technical unemployment, people are paid 80% of the basic salary.

The two departments that have stopped production have about 1,500 employees. Other Ford employees have not stopped working because they are engaged in other activities within the plant, informs.

During the interval in which the factory does not produce B-Max vehicles and motors, the new production line for the new mini-SUV Ford EcoSport is being installed so that the new vehicle will be produced in Craiova as of the autumn of 2017.


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