Garanti Bank granted RON 1 M bonuses last year to Bonus Card holders

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Garanti Bank, the subsidiary of Turkish Garanti Group in Romania, has granted its clients a total of approximately RON 1 million in bonuses in 2016, for performing transactions with their Bonus Cards.

According to a press release, out of the total purchases made last year, 29 percent were made online.

Interest free installment purchases via Bonus Card represented 37 percent of the total credit card transactions, the percentage having grown up to 46 percent during the Easter, Christmas and summer holidays.

In 2016, Bonus Card holders have used their credit cards Emre Unalmainly for shopping in supermarkets, gas stations, clothing and shoes shops, as well as in electronics stores.

“Through Bonus Card we aim to improve and simplify our customers’ lives. Every year more and more customers are using the benefits offered by our credit card. We will continue our strategy of constantly offering our clients new advantages for using Bonus Cards, in order to meet as much of needs as possible  as well as to build their loyalty”, Emre Unal, Cards Director Garanti Bank stated.

Bonus Card is one of the most rewarding payment tools in the market for both cardholders and merchants. Customers accumulate up to 10 percent bonuses every time they perform a transaction with their card, both inside and outside the country.


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