Gas pipeline connecting Romania to Moldova to be built next year

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The work on the pipeline that will transport natural gas from Ungheni – Romania to Chisinau – Republic of Moldova will begin next year, Valeriu Triboi, Moldova’s deputy economy minister said Friday, quoted by AP, informs

More exactly, the Moldovan government official construction of the pipeline from Ungheni to Moldova’s capital, a city of one million, will begin next spring.

The pipeline, which is expected to become operational in May 2018 and to help lessen the former Soviet republic’s dependency on Russia, is an extension of the existing one.

The source pointed out that Moldova, which is hoping to join the European Union, hopes to get financial help from the EU. The pipeline is expected to cost at least EUR 83 million.

The National Agency for Mineral Resources showed at the beginning of this year that the main works in Romania for the gas pipe between Romania and Moldova on the Iasi-Ungheni route were completed.  For the very first time in history, Moldova will be able to get gas directly from the EU and international markets. Until now, Moldova is 100 percent dependent on imported natural gas from Russia and has no domestic gas production.

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