Highest EUR/RON exchange rate in the past six months

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The national currency has depreciated significantly on Friday against the EUR and the National Bank of Romania (BNR) announced an exchange rate of RON 4.5309/EUR, up by 1.44 bani (+0.32%) against Thursday (RON 4.5165/EUR).

This is the highest exchange rate in the past six months.

RON has also depreciated against the US dollar to RON 4.3368/USD, up by 2.3 bani (+0.53%) against Thursday (RON 4.3138/USD).

The Swiss Franc has also gained ground against RON, the National Bank published an exchange rate of RON 4.2266/CHF, by 1.13 bani (+0.27%) against the previous session (RON 4.2153/CHF).

Gold has become more expensive on Friday by 79.59 bani (+0.5%) up to RON 157.6766 per gram from RON 156.8807 per gram in the previous session.

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