Highest mobile internet speed – Orange, Vodafone and Telekom. Highest fix internet speeds – RCS & RDS, Nextgen Communications and UPC


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Orange, Vodafone and Telekom are the operators that offered in the first nine months of 2015 the highest mobile Internet speed in Romania, while RCS & RDS, Nextgen Communications and UPC are in the top of fix internet services, reveal the statistics published on Thursday by the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM), which is based on information provided by Netograf.ro.
For the first three quarters of 2015 Netograf.ro shows that mobile operators have offered internet users the following actual average download speeds: Orange Romania – 27.83 Mbps indoor and 39.21 Mbps outdoor, Vodafone Romania – 15.78 Mbps indoor and 26.77 Mbps outdoor, Mobile Communications Telekom Romania – 10.25 Mbps indoor and 13.45 Mbps outdoor and RCS & RDS – 2.62 Mbps indoor and 2.85 Mbps outdoor.
The top five providers of fixe Internet from Romania offered during the same period, real average download speeds as following: RCS & RDS – 98.95 Mbps by wire and 43.48 Mbps wireless, Nextgen Communications – 63.57 Mbps by wire and 35.53Mbps wireless, UPC Romania – 57.19 Mbps by wire and 31.27 Mbps wireless, Digital Cable Systems – 47.42 Mbps by wire and 26.25 Mbps wireless and Telekom Romania Communications – 31.10 Mbps by wire and 16.68 Mbps wireless.

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