Illegally bonuses granted by CNADNR amounting to RON 800,000

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It’s not only the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors that have targeted the operations of the Road and Motorway Company (CNADNR) and its managers, but also the Court of Auditors. According to a document obtained exclusively by Digi24, the inspectors found important irregularities with the company’s money. Among them, the illegal granting of bonuses or salary increases absolutely unjustifiable, given the significant drop in productivity.
The Court of Auditors’ report shows that employees have received undue bonuses during the mandates of former Directors General Mircea Pop and Narcis Neaga. The value of bonuses exceeds RON 800,000 during 2013-2014. The employees received also higher wages. In both years, staff expenditures exceeded by almost RON 40 million the amounts included in the budget.

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