IMF mission starts visit in Bucharest, economic developments in the focus

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An International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission, led by Jaewoo Lee, has started a two-week visit in Bucharest, in view of analyzing the economic situation, the institution informs.

Today, the IMF team led by Haewoo Lee has started a two-week visit in Bucharest for the yearly analysis  of the Romanian economy, known as Consultation on Article IV, said Alejandro Hajdenberg, the IMF representative for Romania and Bulgaria.

The team will discuss about the economic developments and the policies conducted by the Romanian authorities.

The mission will meet officials of the Finance Ministry, the National Bank of Romania and other Government agencies, and with representatives of the private sector and of the non-government agencies.

The team will conclude the visit with a statement and will have a final press conference on June 7.

Romania currently has no ongoing funding agreement with the IMF, however the institution assesses the development of Romanian economy based on the Consultation on Article IV.

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