IMF’s Tolosa: In order to increase voluntary compliance, taxpayers should be treated with respect by the tax authority

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Romania has made progress in recent years in terms of voluntary compliance in paying taxes, but more needs to be done in this respect, and the main pillar must be to educate taxpayers and to improve the services provided to them, said on Thursday the IMF Resident Representative for Romania and Bulgaria, Guillermo Tolosa.
It is essential that citizens have the perception that the money collected from taxes is spent efficiently, in order to make them comply with obligations to the tax authority. Close monitoring of expenditures is essential for creating this perception, said Tolosa, according to
In his view, the society must see that it makes sense to pay your taxes, and this perception must be supported with equal treatment for everyone, so that everyone would have the conviction that the competitors, as well, pay the same taxes.
You have to feel that the administration treats you with respect, with integrity and honesty. It is very important to create this culture of compliance, said Tolosa.
But the IMF representative says that in Romania the voluntary compliance principles are very difficult to implement, given that many businessmen, continuously, avoid paying taxes.
41% of the companies in Romania report losses year after year, Tolosa said, adding that this indicates either that many business managers are incompetent, or that they have a strategic approach to avoid paying taxes.

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