Invest in infrastructure, keep the human capital at home, US economist tells Romania

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American economist Joseph Quinlan recommends Romanian authorities to invest in infrastructure and to maintain the human capital in the country, reports.
I have only one recommendation for Romania: infrastructure. Human and physical infrastructure is the basis. You must have a sound basis. In Indonesia there is no infrastructure, in Brazil there is no infrastructure, so this is a big barrier to the movement of goods, capital and people. So, build a sound infrastructure. Infrastructure is the cornerstone, Joseph Quinlan told on Tuesday the conference organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham Romania).
Moreover, he recommends the creation of an entrepreneurial culture and to maintain the human capital in the country.
Keep your human capital at home. I see many countries like yours wherefrom brains leave for opportunities. Create an entrepreneurial culture, the American economist said.
Joseph Quinlan is a staunch supporter of strengthening transatlantic trade relations and the author of the study ‘The Case for Investing in Europe’.

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