Irregularities in the area of public procurement with European funds affect the state budget by EUR 1bn

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The irregularities in the area of public procurement with European funds have an impact of EUR 1 billion on the state budget, said on Thursday the Minister of European Funds, Marius Nica, during a conference.
“SOP Environment and SOP IEC were discontinued due to the inability of the managing authorities and intermediate bodies to provide the management and control system as regards the detection system of those criteria that favoured certain economic operators in winning certain contracts. It is a painful issue for 2007-2013 and the public procurement procedures will have an overwhelming impact on the state budget at the end of the financial year. Basically, we’ll conclude this year the year, according to my estimates, with about EUR 1 billion, amounts that will remain with the state budget due to corrections undertaken by the Romanian state has undertaken against the European Commission,” said Nica.
Due to irregularities in public procurement procedures and due to the suspicions on winning certain contracts, significant amounts are blocked by the state institutions, he added.
The European Commission decided on Tuesday to resume the payments to Romania within the SOP Environment and SOP Increase of Economic Competitiveness. The EC could pay to Romania some EUR 120 million in a first tranche. The Ministry of European Funds (MFE) is preparing the documents to issue the expenditure statements of an overall amount of EUR 221 million.
According to MFE data, the European funds absorption rate o was of 55.51% by the end of July. The value of expenditure statements sent to the European Commission amount to EUR 10.5 billion.

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