Labour costs, higher in Q3

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In Q3 of 2016 the adjusted hourly labour costs (working days adjusted) registered an increase rate of 4.67 percent by comparison with the previous quarter and of 14.71 percent by comparison with the same quarter of the previous year, National Institute of Statistics (INS) shows.

As against the same periods of reference, the non-adjusted hourly labour cost had a similar trend with the adjusted form (5.57 percent, respectively 16.09 percent).

Compared to Q2 of 2016, the hourly labour cost (working days adjusted) increased in all economic activities. The most significant increases were recorded in education (32.20 percent), in public administration (7.06 percent), in human health and social work activities (5.18 percent) and in other service activities (5.12 percent).

The increases of the hourly labour cost in the budgetary sector were due mainly to the application of legal provisions in force. Also, the increase of hourly labour cost in education was determined by the working time reduction, due to school holidays (a characteristic phenomenon of this activity in the current quarter).

The decrease of the hourly labour cost (working days adjusted) was recorded only in financial and insurance activities (‐6.99 percent). As against the previous quarter, in Q3 of 2016, the increase (for the working days adjusted index) of the direct costs component (wages and salaries) was of 4.64 percent, while the one concerning the other costs (non‐wages costs) was of 4.78 percent. The increases registered by the two components – for the non‐adjusted index – were of 5.58 percent, respectively 5.54 percent.

As against the same quarter of the previous year, by main economic activities, the highest increases of the hourly labour cost (working days  adjusted) were observed in education (34.41 percent), in real estate activities (30 percent) and in  human health and social work  activities (28.24 percent). The decrease was registered only in mining and quarrying (‐2.48 percent).

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