Large contract signed by Roman Brasov plant for export to Taiwan

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Roman Brasov plant has a contract of EUR 12 million for the export of trucks to Taiwan. The Roman plant, insolvent for years, has recently concluded a contract with a company for the delivery of nearly 100 heavy trucks. Although the plant has only 300 workers, against 26,000 in the early ‘90s, it has a good chance to recover financially, especially since the start of production for the Romanian Army and is conducting talks with Pakistan, informs.

Of the total order of 94 trucks to Taiwan, the plant has manufactured only two trucks. Only after cashing the advance payment the contract will unfold. The representatives of the Roman Brasov hope the plant’s fate will change for the better.

Carol Rugacs, production manager, special administrator with Roman SA: “Things start to move, a number of legal problems still need to be solved.”

The workers are glad that they have work especially that the plant has a contract with the Romanian Army and is in talks with the Pakistani Army.

Roman Brasov recently won a tender with the Defence Ministry for the manufacturing of 23 military trucks. The value amounts to RON 2 million.

Before 1989, about 33,000 trucks were produced by the plant every year. In 2004 the plant was privatized and thousands were fired. If the contract with the Pakistani Army will also be concluded, the special administrator does not rule out the plant will have to make new recruitments.

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