Large investment targeted in Galati: Tunnel under the Danube to connect Moldavia to Dobrogea


Galati Municipality wants to build a tunnel under the Danube River to connect Moldavia and Dobrogea regions, geological expertise has started. The tunnel will cost some EUR 230 million, reports.
Galati mayor Marius Stan says the tunnel is the main objective for the city development, after being approved by the city council. “The prefeasibility survey is to be financed by the local council,” Stan said, adding that RON 2.5 million has been allotted for the geological, traffic and costs studies. The survey is to say if an EU project will be beneficial or a public-private partnership would be preferable. Mayor Stan says the prefeasibility survey and the feasibility survey were allotted to Louis Berger Romania in December 2015. Seven locations for the tunnel are already considered.
“The project is ongoing,” Mayor Marius Stan says. He underscores that Louis Berger Romania is to conduct the surveys, to draw up the technical project and to find the financing, on the basis of a EUR 3.9 million contract to be paid in tranches by the municipality. Firstly RON 2.5 million is to be paid for the prefeasibility survey.
The idea of building a tunnel under the Danube was launched by Mayor Marius Stan in 2013 and has been included among the strategic projects for Galati in the 2014-2020 EU financial year.
The tunnel’s length will be of 2.06 km. The total length of the road to connect Galati and Tulcea counties will be of 8.96 km, on two lanes and an emergency lane. Emergency exits are to be built at every 500 metres. Total costs will be of EUR 230 million, VAT excluded.

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