‘LeulRomânesc’ mobile app launched by BNR

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The National Bank of Romania has launched on Tuesday ‘LeulRomânesc’, a mobile app designed to help online users gain a better knowledge of the Romanian banknotes and coins, a central bank release informs.

The LeulRomânesc, interactive application includes the security and design features of the banknotes and lets the users experience what happens when a banknote is tilted, when a backlight function is used or how the banknote would look if viewed under ultra-violet light. The app also comprises a section on coins in circulation.

In addition, mobile device users may visit a webpage with general information about the BNR and play an interactive game which allows them to design a custom-made banknote featuring their portrait.

A comprehensive set of questions and answers provides those interested with details about the advantages of polymer banknotes as compared with paper banknotes, the exchange of old banknotes and coins and recommendations in case of suspected counterfeits.

The LeulRomânesc app is free and is aimed at the general public that uses mobile devices, cash handlers (retailers, cashiers, etc.), as well as first-time users of leu-denominated banknotes and coins (foreign tourists). The application successfully relies on the basic functions of smartphones and tablets, allowing the users to interact with the virtual banknotes by tilting the device or using the camera.

The app is available to download in Romanian and English for both Apple iOS and Android devices by using the links below or by searching for “LeulRomânesc” directly from the device store.


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