Low temperatures lead to high energy demand, prices on spot market soar

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The low temperatures in the past days have led to higher electricity consumption nationwide and to a record price of trading on the spot market.

On the spot market, the price of energy for supply on Tuesday has reached on average RON 456 per MWh, higher than the top level registered last year of RON 406 per MWh on December 3, 2018, OPCOM market operator informs.

The electricity price for Tuesday has a maximum of RON 611 per MWh during 17.00h-18.00h.

Higher levels of prices were recorded in February 2017 of RON 680 per MWh.

In the region, the price in Romania is of EUR 97.63/MWh, similar to the one in Hungary, but double as the price in the Czech Republic – EUR 49.66/MWh and Slovakia – EUR 52.43/MWh.

On Monday at 13.45h the national consumption had reached 8,736 MW, with an output of 8,063 MW and imports of 673 MW.

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