Mobile phone – most important shopping instrument for 46pc of Romanians

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The mobile phone has become the most important shopping instrument for 46% of Romanians, a GfK survey reveals on Monday.

The comparison between prices in the shops has become more common for 45% of the interviewed, above the worldwide average level, pointing to the increased attention to find a better value-for-money ratio.

Four out of ten respondents have used the browsers more often for shopping last year, whereas 31% took advantage of the retailers’ applications. For 46% of Romanians, the mobile phone has become the most important shopping instrument, the document reads.

The document also reads that 56% of Romanians, as compared to 45% globally, say they like when the websites make recommendations based on their previous preferences.

The GfK FutureBuy survey was conducted in 35 countries to analyse the way digital means have changed people behaviour related to shopping, retailers and producers. In Romania it was conducted in July 2917 on a sample of 1,000 respondents, internet users in urban areas, aged above 18.


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