Net average wage, up RON 165 in December 2017, up by 11.7pc yoy

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The average nominal wage earning was of RON 2,629 in December, up by RON 165, i.e. 6.7% in December, according to a press release issued by the National Statistics Institute (INS) on Friday.

In the budgetary sector, the wages increased 24.15% in 2017, according to the figures provided on Friday. The average wage growth in all sectors of the economy was half the increase for the state employees, including all the bonuses granted at the end of the year by some companies in the private sector.

The highest net nominal average wage earning was registered in crude oil and natural gas extraction (RON 9,239), and the lowest in hotels and restaurants (RON 1,481).

“As compared to December the previous year, the net nominal average wage has increased by 11.7%. The real earning index compared to the same period of the previous year was of 108.1% .The real earnings index was 106, 4% in December 2017 against the previous month. As compared to October 1990, the real earnings index was 192.9%, by 11.5 percentage points higher than the one recorded in November 2017,” INS informs.

In December 2017, in most economic sector activities, the net average earning was higher than in November 2017.

In December, in the budgetary sector increases were registered in net average earning as compared to the previous month in health and social care (+2.9%), respectively in public administration (+0.6%). The net average wage earnings decreased in education (-4.3%) as a result of the beginning of the school holiday and the reduction of the amount for the teachers’ hourly payment.

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