Net nominal average earnings down by 5.5pc in January

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The net nominal average earnings, in January, were of RON 2,484, down by RON 145 and 5.5% respectively, while the gross wage was of RON 4,143, the National Statistics Institute (INS) has informed on Tuesday.

The highest net nominal average wages were in IT – RON 6,120 and the lowest in hotels and restaurants – RON 1,494.

INS informs that against January 2017 the average net nominal earnings grew by 8% and the index of real wage earnings was of 103.5%. The index was 93.8% against the previous month. “As compared to October 1990, the index of real wage was of 180.9%, by 12 percentage points lower than in December 2017,” INS informs.

The earnings were lower mainly due to the monthly or quarterly bonuses granted in December, or the thirteenth wage.

The most significant decreases were of 51.5% in crude oil and gas extraction, of 36.8% in oil processing, of 22-31% in coal extraction and other mining activities, of 15-18.5% in storage and transport, electricity, thermal energy, air conditioning, metallurgy, forestry, real estate transactions, computer manufacturing, electronics, means of transportation, of 10.5-14.5% in printing and recording, pharmaceuticals, research-development, tobacco products manufacturing, chemical products, financial intermediation, insurance and pension funds.

Most significant increases were in air transport (+10.2%), beverages (+4.2%), constructions (+1.3%).

For the state employees, increases were recorded for the net average wage, against the previous month, in public administration (+3.2%), health and social assistance (+2.6%), education (+0.9%).




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