Number of debtors to banks continued to grow in August

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The number of individuals with more than 30 days arrears in banks and non-banking financial institutions increased by 1.14 percent in August compared to the previous month, reaching 676,017, National Bank of Romania (BNR) data shows.

They had arrears of over RON 7.54 billion. Most of the amount was in RON and EUR, respectively 2.79 billion in lei and RON 3.12 billion in euros. Depending on the delay category, the highest value corresponds to the over 90 days term, with RON 4.32 billion.

The total amount of outstanding loans in lei of the population and companies, registered in August 2017, amounts to RON 5.77 billion, 0.51 percent more than the reported amount in July 2017, while the debts to foreign currency loans up 7.4 percent to RON 7.08 billion (equivalent).

The total loans in lei reached RON 140.3 billion (1.3 percent above the value of the previous month), of which RON 60.2 billion were contracted by economic agents and RON 76.3 billion loans made by the population.

Credits in foreign currency totaled 91.989 billion, equivalent in lei in August (0.35 percent month-on-month), out of which RON 46.08 billion borrowed by economic agents and RON 43.18 billion – households loans.

At end-August, Bucharest’s residents had outstanding lei loans of RON 1.74 billion and in foreign currency of RON 2.77 billion (equivalent) respectively.

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