Operational leasing market, up by 8pc in 2016


The operational leasing market concluded 2016 by exceeding the level of 60,000 vehicles in administration, in line with the estimates at the beginning of the year and up by 8% against the end of 2015, reads a release from the Association of Leasing Companies Operations (ASLO).

During January – December nearly 14,400 vehicles were registered by the operational leasing companies, i.e. 13.3% of total new registrations of about 108,000 cars and light commercial vehicles.

“Following a year marked by increasing competitiveness of the players, the operational leasing market continued the development, approaching, despite a growth rate lower than in previous years, a new threshold of 60,000 vehicles in administration. In 2016 the share of full service portfolio of the leasing companies grew by over 7%. I expect Romanian companies, whether large or SMEs, to better understand this product in order to benefit from its advantages,” said ASLO president Bogdan Apahidean.

Portfolio structure Operational Leasing Companies Association is composed of full service operational leasing (finance and fleet management) with a share of 75% followed by 17% fleet management, operational leasing with the rest representing management services.

The portfolio structure of the Operational Leasing Companies Association is made up of full service operational leasing (funding and fleet management) with a share of 75%, followed by 17% of fleet management, the rest being operational leasing without administration services.

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