Pension Pillar II, 3pc increase of total assets in July


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Private mandatory pension funds had assets worth about RON 37.197 billion on July 31, 2017, up by 3.09% against June 30, 2017, the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) informs.

The state securities hold the largest share in the assets, of RON 23.65 billion, respectively 63.58%. Second are the shares, worth RON 7.43 billion (19.98%). Bank deposits rank third in this respect, worth RON 2.78 billion, i.e. 7.5% of total assets.

According to ASF, the value of the total pension fund assets on Pillar II was of RON 37.197 billion on July 31, 2017, and the net asset value was of RON 37.178 billion.

Compulsory private pension funds had 6,929 million participants.

The ASF reveals that, since the beginning of this system, contributions for the 6.787 million participants have been paid. In May, contributions were paid for 4.077 million participants and for 2.830 million no contributions were paid. In Romania there are 128,854 participants without contributions.

Also, on July 31, 2017, the Aripi Pension Fund had total assets of RON 3.153 billion, up by RON 94.69 million against June 30, AZT Viitorul had assets of RON 8.082 billion, up by RON 233.89 million, BCR – RON 2.394 billion (up by RON 74.84 million), BRD – RON 1.259 billion (up by RON 38.76 million), Metropolitan Life – RON 5.273 billion (up by RON 164.359 million), NN – ROL 13.5 billion (up by RON 386.92 million) and Vital – RON 3.527 billion (up by RON 123.5 million).

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