Psychopathic bosses and rude colleagues, the most frightening reasons why Romanian employees would look for another job

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Romanian employees were asked by eJobs which are the most frightening things about their jobs, and 42% of them believe that ‘a psychopathic boss’ is the most frightening thing at the workplace and the reason for looking for a new job. 29% would be doing the same thing because of the colleagues who ‘stab you the back’ and 10% are reluctant to work until midnight. Nevertheless, 7% say nothing could frighten them so much so as to look for another job, reports.

The employees also mention as reasons the huge volume of work – 21%, the ‘clown bosses’ – 14%, the ‘witch colleagues’ – 13% and ‘sittings with circus’ – 12%. Other reasons mentioned are the stress to arrive at work until a fix moment, the fear to be fired, to work with an incompetent boss, lack of communication and wage not being paid.

The survey was conducted in October 2017 on a sample of 1,299 respondents, of which 63% are employees without managing positions. Generally, 62% of the respondents were women, 38% were men, 85% of them aged 26-55. About 59% of them have higher education.


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