Romania – below the EU average in terms of online shopping, survey reveals


Only 18% of Internet users in Romania have opted in 2016 to purchase online, far below the average in the European Union (EU) of 66%, reveals a specialized survey, released on Monday.

According to research conducted by ‘Perceptum’, 7% of the turnover of the Romanian companies, excluding those in the financial sector, was generated by Internet sales. Only Bulgaria, Cyprus (each 4%) and Greece (6%) had lower shares.

Also, almost two out of ten Internet users in Romania (18%) have shopped online last year, the lowest percentage in the European Union, where the average was 66%. Last year, Bulgaria was ranked second with a percentage of 27%.

Regarding the portrait of the online buyer, it is male, aged between 25 and 34 years with higher education, informed and concerned about its own image, buys mainly clothes and sporting goods.

According to the source, of those who shopped online, only 3% complained about issues relating to fraud, which is the least complained issue. Meanwhile, 68% of shoppers said they had not encountered any problems, while 17% complained of late delivery. At the same time, 13% complained of technical website blockage during the order or during payment.

On the other hand, two thirds of EU Internet users have shopped online in 2016, up by15% as compared to 2007. The share of online shoppers among Internet users is growing, with the largest volumes recorded among the age groups of 16-24 years and of 25-54 years (68% and namely 69%).

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