Romania has attracted EUR 9.5bn European funds, absorption rate of 30%


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Romania has absorbed European funds worth a total of EUR 9.25 billion during the 2014-2020 allocation, representing a rate of 30%, Minister of European Funds Roxana Mânzatu said on Thursday, in a press conference.

“Romania has a total allocation of EUR 31 billion in the cohesion policy area and in the agricultural area, and from this amount the European Commission has paid us EUR 9.25 billion, i.e. 30% absorption rate at mid-2019,” Mânzatu said.

For comparison, the EU average absorption rate is 33%.

“I want to exceed the European average and have 100% absorption rate by 2023. For this year, we plan to spend EUR 2.3 billion and to weekly monitor the achievement of this target,” Mânzatu said.

At the same time, calls for projects worth EUR 25 billion have been opened so far, the Minister added.

“Out of the EUR 25 billion put on the table, we have signed financing contracts worth EUR 23.6 billion, meaning a contracting rate of 79%,” Roxana Manzatu added.

For the next budget allocation, 2021-2027, the budget proposal for Romania is EUR 30.6 billion, a proposal to be negotiated between the European Commission and the European Parliament.

The largest allocation of EUR 17.3 billion is through the European Regional Development Fund, with an allocation of EUR 8.5 billion through the European Social Fund, through the Cohesion Fund – EUR 4.5 billion and for territorial cooperation – EUR 300,000.


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