Romanian egg producers risk bankruptcy due to imports from Poland


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Romania is invaded by imported cheap eggs with “questionable freshness” especially from Poland, which brings Romanian producers at the edge of bankruptcy, a market analysis conducted by the Union of Poultry Breeders in Romania (UCPR) shows.

“On the market there are by 5.2% more eggs from domestic production than the demand. If we add the imports we reach a much higher market oversaturation,” UCPR President Ilie Van said.

The average price of eggs at the farm gate during January-June 2016 in Romania was of RON 0.24/egg, while the average price of eggs in the EU at the farm gate was of EUR 0.32/egg.

“Although the price at the farm gate in Romania is among the lowest in the EU, well below the EU average and the average price at the farm gate in Poland is the highest in the EU, far above the average price of eggs in the EU, the average price of eggs sold by Poland on the Romanian market is 80% of the national average price in Poland. Some offers go down to 50% of the national average price at the farm gate in Poland,” UCPR informs.

Consequently, poultry breeders in Romania “strongly protest against the unfair competition with eggs from Poland and ask the relevant authorities in Romania to notify Poland and the European Commission, as this phenomenon leads to the bankruptcy of farms in Romania.”

“Although Romania produces eggs above the domestic consumer demand, the market provides to the consumers imported eggs with questionable freshness in exchange for fresh eggs from domestic production,” UCPR says.

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