Romanian investors on the capital market doubled their money in five years

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Investors on the stock market doubled their fincances (expressed in euro), in five years, with a gross yield of 97 percent in 14 markets analyzed, Romania ranking the second in this perspective, the President of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), Lucian Anghel, stated, attending on Saturday the 6th edition of the Individual Investors Forum in Bucharest.

“We are an atypical market. It is to your advantage as investors that we have huge dividends. (…) We surpassed Germany with its DAX index, Hungary, France, and of these indices, only Romania, Croatia and Germany have always had positive returns every year, which is no small thing,” BVB official also explained.

He stressed that what matters to investors very much is the yield, and not the stock exchange turnover. Moreover, Anghel said that the share value has exceeded the one before the crisis, the investment in the stock market representing a better alternative than the one in real estate.

BVB official noted that the dividends will remain at a relatively high level in the coming years. So if discussing about an average dividend of 7 percent, it can be considered an investment with a protected capital up to 7 percent.

On the other hand, Lucian Anghel said that there are discussions to cut by 12 percent the variable fees that the stock charges them on the Regular market, in order to move some transactions from the Deal market.



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