Romanian U650 tractors in great demand in Egypt, to be produced in B?icoi

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Egyptians are in love with Romanian tractors. The only model one hundred percent Romanian conception is still sought in Egypt, although the plant in Brasov closed down 8 years ago. Farmers in Egypt bought and reconditioned the model, which they found at second hand in Romania or Iran. Now they want to produce it again with Romanian parts, reports.
The U650 tractor, designed in Brasov during the ‘60s, rapidly conquered many markets in the world. It sold best in Iran, more than 270,000 tractors, and in Egypt – over 82,000. The success was so great that, after Tractorul plant closed down, many Egyptian businessmen began to seek out old second hand tractors to recondition them.
An Egyptian businessman bought the license and everything related to this model in 2008 and restarted manufacturing it. First the production started in Brasov, then he moved the factory to B?icoi, Prahova County. In less than two years, it has exported 110 new tractors to Egypt. Contracts were cancelled due to the Arab Spring.
Now, a company working for the Egyptian army wants to resume production. Five tractors have already been sent to Egypt for tests. The owner wants all the pieces to be made in Romania and the tractor to look identically to the one produced before 1989. Plans eye 25 new tractors to leave for Egypt every month.
The factory in B?icoi is already carrying out staff selections in view of tripling the turnover.

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