Romania’s gold stock, 103.7 tones

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The gold stock administered by the National Bank of Romania (BNR), according to the figures released last week, amount to 103.7 tones, more or less the same level as in the past 18 years, with small fluctuations.

As compared to 1989, the gold reserves are higher by 36 tones. During 1994-2000 the conversion of silver surplus quantities into gold resulted in an improvement in the structure of the precious metal reserves. BNR has aimed at a balanced stock of gold in the country and the one placed abroad. Thus, more than half of the reserves, 60 tones, are placed abroad, informs. In 2002, BNR decided to increase the quantities saved abroad. The 60 tons of gold are placed at the Bank of England, a sound custodian in terms of finance and reputation. The stock at the Bank of England does not bring any economic benefits, no interest.

The gold stock is compared to other European countries. Poland and Romania have relatively the same quantities, more than 100 tones. Bulgaria has 40 tons, Slovakia 30 tons, the Czech Republic 10 tons and Hungary only 3 tons of gold.


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