ROMATSA: Traffic in the Romanian airspace is increasing due to problems in Crimea


The traffic in the Romanian airspace is increasing following the closure of Ukraine’s airspace in the Crimean Peninsula, which creates problems for the Romanian traffic controllers, said on Tuesday Valentin Cimpuieru, director of the Technical and Development Department with the ‘Romanian Administration of Air Traffic Services’ ROMATSA.

Thus, if in 2013 some 525,574 flights passed over Romania, the number has increased to 594,264 in 2014 and to 631,068 last year, which means an advance of 13% in 2014 as compared to 2013 and by 6% last year against 2014.

“Since 2014 the airspace in Crimea region of the Black Sea is closed, which created and creates problems in the south of Romania. The traffic in the north moved to the south, so that in certain sectors traffic controllers are overloaded, which causes stress and fatigue,” said Cimpuieru during the PRIA Aviation conference.

He stressed however that these controllers in charge of air traffic management are highly trained and have been trained to face this type of situations.

“However, traffic continues to grow. In January-April this year, air traffic has increased by 4.2% as compared to the same period last year,” he added.

Cimpuieru said that ROMATSA is prepared to face this situation, both in terms of technical and human support and that so far there were no incidents due to air traffic congestion.



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