Sensiblu to take over 46 Belladonna pharmacies in Bucharest


The Competition Council has authorized the transaction by which Sensiblu SRL takes over the 46 Belladonna pharmacies in Bucharest.

“Sensiblu SRL operates on the retail market with pharmaceutics and Para pharmaceutics, with occasional distribution activities. The company is part f the group of companies under the control of Penta Investments, group specialized in long-term investments in various sectors. The Penta Investments Group is active on the medical market in Romania, on the pharmaceutical retail segment, through the Sensiblu, Punkt and Arta pharmacy chains. On the wholesale trade market with pharmaceutical products and Para pharmaceutics, the Penta Investments Group is active mainly through Mediplus Exim SRL,” The Competition Council informs in a release on Thursday.

The 46 pharmacies to be taken over by Ssnsiblu are located exclusively in Bucharest.

“The Competition Authority has analysed the deal and has found that it does not raise significant obstacles in real competition, mainly by setting up or by consolidating dominant positions on the identified relevant markets. The decision will be posted on the CC website, after eliminating the confidential information,” the release reads.


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