SMEs representatives claim unitary wage bill’s impact will reach RON 34bn by 2020, inapplicable law


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The National Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Council (CNIPMMP) representatives have calculated the impact of the unitary wage bill to the public servants and on budget expenditures that could reach RON 34 billion by 2020.

On Monday they said the impact could surge to RON 42 billion by 2022. “We call on the Chamber of Deputies to attentively analyse the impact on investments, which might fall dramatically, and on the private environment,” CNIPMMR chairman Ovidiu Nicolescu said.

According to the SME council representatives “the state indebtedness will increase, which will be forced to proceed to massive borrowings to cover the expenses; taxes will grow; we will witness an unenforceable law; after half a year we will return to the initial situation, however with higher inflation and with the prospect of cutting the wages.”

CNIPMMR claims economic calculations are needed. “We should ask if we need 1.2 employees in the public administration; if we do not pay attention, we might face the situation having the same number of public servants, but two times better paid,” representatives say.


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