Standards for consumer loans are tightening, banks forecast

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The crediting conditions will worsen slightly for consumer loans to households in the first quarter of this year, after a similar trend late last year, according to a survey conducted by National Bank of Romania (BNR) on non-financial corporations and households lending.

However, the mortgage loans will remain at the previous standards, after two quarters of relaxation. The demand for loans has increased significantly both in consumer loans to households and loans for housing and land purchase, in the last quarter of last year.

Rate loans requested by individuals and rejected by banks was significantly lower for mortgage loans, while consumer loans recorded a significant growth.

As regards prices on the real estate market, banks’ reports show that they have increased significantly in Q4 of 2016, but will remain relatively constant during next quarter.

The survey conducted by central bank notes that the lending standards for mortgage loans remained unchanged in the last quarter of last year in the euro zone, while the consumer loans have continued to ease.

Forecasts for next quarter show that credit standards for all types of loans to households will relax.


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