Subway warning strike Thursday morning

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The subway employees will stage a warning strike on Thursday, with trains to be stopped between 4.00h-6.00h, the trade unionists have announced on Monday, threatening to start general strike if their demands are not met. If the general strike is launched, the trains will be put on hold between 4.00h and 16.00h.

The subway employees request a wage increase of 42%.

“We have agreed that Thursday morning, during 4.00h-6.00h, we will stage a warning strike, followed, if in 48 hours our demands are not met, to launch the general strike. This strike will stop the trains between 4.00h-16.00h, as the law forces us to ensure one third of the working programme during a general strike,” Ion Radoi, trade unionist leader, has said.

If the general strike begins, the traffic in Bucharest could be almost paralyzed, considering that 700,000 people travel by subway every day.


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