Swiss franc loans are steadily dropping

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The number of individuals debtors with Swiss francs-denominated loans decreased to 38,519 in December 2016, from 51,334 in July 2016 (61,833 in November 2015 and 75,412 in November 2014), financial banks operating in Romania data shows.

At end-December 2016, the banks reported 12,289 mortgage loans and 12,786 consumer loans secured by mortgages. The balance of these loans, both consumer loans and real estate loans decreased by RON 0.3 billion to RON 5.4 billion, from RON 5.7 billion in July – December 2016, according to National Bank of Romania (BNR).

At the end of last year, the banks also had 241 CHF-denominated loans granted to 211 companies amounting to about RON 120 million.

During January 2015 – January 2017, around 37,360 requests of customers with loans in Swiss francs were dealt, of which 24,853 through conversion and 12,513 by restructuring operations.


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