Tax easing was an error, due date is getting closer – former ANAF chief says

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The former chief of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF), Gelu Diaconu,  says the tax easing implemented by the Government was an error and that the due date is getting closer. This would explain the hesitations regarding the amendments to the Pensions Pillar II.

Diaconu argues that the social-democrat leaders brag for more than one year and a half, conduct propaganda, but the results are far from expectations, reports.

“There was a stage of fiscal hopping, followed by stage of confusion – the one we are currently going on. Nowhere in the world, one cannot implement three steps of tax easing. When wages and pensions are increased, there is only one result, we are heading towards a wall and now they see what is going on,” the former ANAF head says.

Diaconu argues that soon the tax easing will be abandoned. The first sign are the talks related to Pensions Pillar II.

“It was an assumed step, discussions were held on this issue, inspired by the Hungarian model. Changes to the Pillar II were envisaged even at the time the PSD governing programme was being written down and this is hypocrisy, as the ANAF incapacity to collect money has become chronic. Very few know that 55% of the contributions to ANAF come from the small taxpayers,” Diaconu says.

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