Tax-free price of petrol in Romania has fallen below the European average

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The tax-free price of petrol on the Romanian market has fallen below the European average, while the diesel fuel price is still higher by 2%, according to the latest data from the Oil Bulletin released by the European Commission.

Since May 6, tax-free petrol costs EUR 0.598 per liter in Romania, while the EU average is EUR 0.607 per liter. For diesel fuel, the price is EUR 0.652 per liter, as compared to the European average of EUR 0.641 per liter.

With all taxes included, the cost of fuel is lower in Romania against the European average. Petrol has a price of EUR 1,222 per liter in our country, compared to the European average of EUR 1,487 per liter, and diesel fuel costs EUR 1,250 per liter at local stations, against the average of EUR 1,382 in the EU.

The Competition Council has conducted an investigation on the fuel market in the past year, recently completed, and the report will be made public in the coming weeks, the president of the institution, Bogdan Chiriţoiu, said at the beginning of April.

The conclusion is that in this segment the competition is low and there is a big player who actually sets the price, namely OMV Petrom.

The leader on the fuel distribution market is OMV Petrom, followed by Rompetrol, Lukoil, MOL, SOCAR and Gazprom.

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