The average net salary in Romania, five times lower than in Germany


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The average net salary of a Romanian is about two times lower than in the Czech Republic and Poland and five times lower than in Germany, by contrast the ratio of food prices is much lower. Now, the average salary is about EUR 440, the second lowest in the EU after Bulgaria.

Thus, the same consumption basket costs EUR 15.43 in Romania, about EUR 15 in Poland and EUR 19 in the Czech Republic. In Germany, the strongest economy in Europe, the consumption basket reached just under EUR 25, thus 63 percent more expensive than in Romania, according to ZF calculations using data, a website that gathers information on the prices from the most important countries worldwide.

Low purchasing power shows that almost a third of household spending in Romania is represented by food and nonalcoholic beverages. After this share, Romania ranks first in EU, Eurostat, the European statistical office data shows.

By comparison, a household in the UK spends less than 9 percent of its income on food, and a household in Norway – 12 percent.

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