The Danube smoked Pontic Shad, the fifth Romanian product recognized and protected in the EU

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As of December 3, Romania has a new name on the list of products officially recognized at European level. The Danube smoked Pontic Shad (Danube Red Herring) has received the European Commission’s approval to become a protected geographical indication product (PGI), the EC Representation in Bucharest informs.

The Pontic Shad is a wild fish that migrates from the Black Sea to the Danube. The species cannot be grown in aquaculture and is captured only during migration on the Danube. It has 250-400 grams and 25-30 centimeters in size and is recognized as the world’s richest fish in fat compared to its size.

The Danube Pontic Shad (Alosa immaculata) is prepared as whole after cleaning, being salted and cold-smoked according to an old method, from the defined geographical area. The smoked fish are golden, metallic, due to the smoking process.

For the locals in the Danube Delta, fishing is the main and oldest occupation. Therefore, this activity is well-rooted in the Danube Delta culture, while being a characteristic feature in the memory of many tourists from all over the world who visit the Danube Delta.

The Danube smoked Pontic Shad joins the other 4 Romanian food products protected in the EU: Smoked Novac (Carp) from Barsa Country, Telemea (feta cheese) of Ibaneşti, Salam de Sibiu (Sibiu salami) and Topoloveni Plum Magiun (plum jam).

At the European Commission, the documentation for three other products is also submitted in order to obtain the European protection Protected Geographical Indication: Plescoi Sausages, Saveni Cheese and Telemea de Sibiu (Sibiu feta cheese).

Overall, there are 1,440 products protected are registered at EU level.

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