The gambling website – banned in Romania

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The website has been banned in Romania. The National Office for Gambling (ONJN) has cancelled the operating rights for the companies Hollside Gaming LP and Hillside Sports LP, which offer gaming on the website The players have 30 days to withdraw their money from the game accounts, informs.
Furthermore, the company was warned not to allow people who access the website with IPs from Romania or the access of Romanian players and to remit them the money placed in the gaming account. Players have 30 days to withdraw their money.
“We warn the players that they have 30 days to withdraw the amounts held in gaming accounts, interval after which the access on the website will be restricted.” ONJN says that, in accordance with Article 22 para. (6) of the Emergency Ordinance No.77/2009 on the organization and operation of gambling “the participation of individuals in Romania to the activities of away gambling represent contraventions and are punishable by a fine of RON 5,000 to RON 10,000.”

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