Transport Ministry’s Control Body: Tarom’s deficiencies – reparations of USD 1m

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Tarom registered in the past two years several technical and administrative deficiencies, which led to a huge number of flights cancelled or delayed, with negative consequences for the company’s budget, including the payment of reparations amounting to approximately USD 1 million, according to the Minister of Transport’s Control Body.

According to the source, the main weaknesses were: larger losses as compared to the estimated level, non-observance of the provisions of the Labour Code and of the internal regulations regarding the preparation of timesheets and records of the Technical Department staff attendance, non-observance of the employment/recruitment procedures at the company level and not hiring the personnel in accordance to the number and qualification of those who had left the company (due to retirement and voluntary departures).

Some delays reported as due to  were actually caused by organizational issues.

For economic reasons, the section of Airbus/ATR line maintenance worked in 2014 and 2015 without a minimum stock needed, the supply with spare parts and components was performed as emergency, which led to the payment of higher prices.

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