Two entrepreneurs launch first digital product on the Romanian real estate market. Buyers can analyze housing units

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Buyers or investors interested in buying a home in a new residential complex now have a digital tool that offers them a complete analysis of all aspects of the property they want to buy. Developed by two Romanian entrepreneurs, Andrei Diaconu and Matei Malos, the platform includes detailed reports about the property that clients analyze, containing information about the investment, infrastructure and facilities, the quality of the construction, the architectural comfort, the financial situation of the development company, as well as legal advice on risk identification in the procurement process.

As the market offer is more and more varied, the platform helps customers make informed decisions about buying a property. Between 2019 and 2020, it is estimated that the number of new dwellings built in the Bucharest-Ilfov region will double, reaching about 40,000 new housing units, a release from informs.

“Based on the product we are launching on the market, we are now testing a number of assumptions that will help us build a digital real estate agent. The idea came to us when we wanted to purchase an apartment and we realized how difficult the acquisition process is for the buyer, but also how much space for innovation exists,” says Andrei Diaconu, co-founder of

The reviews are made with the help of a team of residential experts, including real estate consultants, structural and installation engineers, architects and lawyers.

“Fortunately for the consumers, we are witnessing an increased competitiveness in the supply of new housing, and the quality of the environment in which we live influences the economic and social development of the communities. For 90% of buyers, real estate represents the primary form of saving, including when buying the first home. However, the acquisition decision is extremely important, especially since it often comes after a 20 or 30-year credit and has consequences on a long term,” said Matei Malos, co-founder of is developed by Andrei Diaconu, an entrepreneur with a broad portfolio of digital platforms created mainly on .com, in partnership with Matei Malos, an entrepreneur with solid experience in proptech, who previously developed other real estate local projects, such as or

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