Unemployment down to 3% at end of April

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The national unemployment rate was 3% at the end of April 2019, down by 0.19 percentage points against the previous month and by 0.58 percentage points below the figure recorded at the end of the same month of 2018, the National Employment Agency (ANOFM) informs on Wednesday.

The total number of unemployed at the end of April was 261,909 persons. Of the total number of registered unemployed, 49,929 received indemnities and 211,980 did not receive indemnities. As compared to the previous month, the unemployment rate for men decreased from 3.24% to 3.04% and the unemployment rate for women fell from 3.14% to 2.96%.

By residence, the number of unemployed at the end of April is as follows: 77,452 unemployed in urban areas and 184,457 unemployed in rural areas.

Most unemployed persons were aged 40-49 (76,172), followed by those over 55 (53,129), and those aged 25-29 (13,886).

Regarding the structure of unemployment by level of education, the unemployed without education and those with primary education have a significant share in the total number of unemployed registered in ANOFM (33.28%). The unemployed with gymnasium level represent 31.53% of the total registered unemployed, and those with university studies 4.94%.


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  1. Timothy Douglasson says

    I am curious as to how these figures are derived. Working in the aid sector, my perception is that the number of those without a formal income should be much higher, perhaps by 10 or 12 times, and that many people do not bother registering as unemployed when there is very little benefit to be obtained from doing so. I suspect that the methodology for reporting unemployment used in Romania is different from that used elsewhere and that makes EU-wide comparisons meaningless.

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