Unemployment rate down to 3.46pc in August

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The unemployment rate at national level was in August of 3.46%, down by 0.04 percentage points against the previous month and by 0.72% lower than in the similar period last year, the National Agency for Work Force Employment (ANOFM) informs in Tuesday.

The overall number of unemployed in August 2018 was of 302,589, down by 2,780 persons against the previous month.

Out of the registered unemployed, 55,053 were paid unemployed and 247,536 unpaid unemployed.

By gender, the men’s unemployment decreased from 3.59% in July to 3.54% in August, whereas the women’s unemployment went down from 3.38% to 3.37%.

89,202 unemployed are in the urban areas and 213,387 in the rural areas.

By education, , the unemployed with gymnasium level have the highest share in the total number of unemployed registered by ANOFM (33,44%). The unemployed without education and those with primary education represent 29.38% of the total number of registered unemployed and those with university studies 5.18%.

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