Unemployment rate reviewed to 5.8pc

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The National Statistics Institute (INS) has reviewed the data regarding unemployment in the previous months. According to the review, in September the number of unemployed was of 521,747 and the unemployment rate was of 5.8%. Preliminary data indicated 519,866 unemployed, news.ro informs.

The data for August were reviewed downwards from 529,000 to 521,499. After this low level, the unemployment rate increased in September and October, the average unemployment rate on the past three months was of 5.8%.

According to the reviewed data, the number of unemployed dropped by 90,500 during the past year, down from 613,021 in October 2015.

By gender, unemployment for men was of 6.6% and of 4.8% for women in October.

The drop in unemployment was influenced by the rapid demand for labour force in the developed areas of the big cities.

The number of vacant jobs increased in Q3 by 16.5% against the same period the previous year.

The highest levels of unemployment were registered in Teleorman and Vaslui counties (11.8% and 11.5% respectively).




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