Unemployment rate up to 4% in October

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The unemployment rate reached 4% in October, slightly up by 0.1% as compared to the previous month, the National Statistics Institute (INS), informs on Thursday.

In this context, the number of unemployed (aged 15-74 years) estimated in October 2018 was of 370,000 people, up against the previous month (355,000 people), but down as compared to October 2017, of 434,000 people.

By gender, the unemployment rate for men exceeded by 1.4 percentage points that of women, the respective values ​​being 4.6% for men, and 3.2% for women.

The INS data reveal that for adults aged 25-74 years the unemployment rate was estimated at 3.2% for October this year, respectively 3.8% for men and 2.3% for women.

The number of the unemployed aged 25-74 represented 72.9% of the total number of unemployed estimated in October.

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