USD and GBP – minimum lows in 2017 against RON

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The US Dollar and the British Pound have registered on Friday record lows against the RON, according to the National Bank reference rates.

The USD has depreciated by 4.16 bani to RON 3.9269, the lowest exchange rate since May 4, 2016 (RON 3.9101 for USD 1).

The GBP has also registered depreciation, from RON 5.1432 to RON 5.1086, the lowest exchange rate since November 8, 2016 (RON 5.0626 for GBP 1).

The CHF has also depreciated from RON 4.1434 to RON 4.1326.

The European currency was quoted higher by 0.83 bani on Friday, up to RON 4.5737.

On Thursday the Swiss Franc and the GBP fell against the RON at the official BNR exchange rate, whereas the USD appreciated without going over the RON 4 threshold.

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