USD/RON exchange rate reaches new historic high

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The RON has depreciated on Tuesday again against the US dollar, so that the American currency has reached a new historic high in relation to the Romanian currency of RON 4.3502/USD at the National Bank of Romania (BNR) exchange rate, up by 2.93 bani (+0.68%) as compared to the level on Monday of RON 4.3209/USD.

The USD appreciation comes as in the last two days of last week it broke two other records, i.e. of RON 4.3146/USD on Thursday and of RON 4.3263/USD on Friday.

The national currency has also depreciated on Tuesday against the European currency to RON 4.5194/EUR, up by 0.69 bani (+0.15%) against the quotation on Monday of RON 4.5125/EUR.

At the same time, the Swiss franc (CHF) gained ground in front of RON and the National Bank published an exchange rate of RON 4.2287/CHF, by 1.85 bani (+0.44%) above the level on Monday, when the Swiss currency was worth RON 4.2102.

Gold has become more expensive on Tuesday by 62.6 bani (+0.4%), up to RON 158.6720, against RON 158.0460 in the previous session.

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