Yield obtained by Romania for 10-year eurobond issue down to 2.84 pc, the lowest so far

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Romania has obtained for the 10-year eurobond issue this week on foreign markets, the best performance ever recorded for this maturity, of 2.84%, according to data released on Friday by the Government.
For the issue on 20 years, the first of its kind, the yield was of 3.93%.
The total amount contracted by Romania on the foreign markets peaks to EUR 2 billion in two tranches, one of EUR 1.25 billion for 10-year and another of EUR 750 million for 20 years. The Eurobonds issue was oversubscribed to over EUR 5.5 billion, reads the government’s document.
“Romania has secured all the necessary financing from the foreign markets in 2015, the amount of EUR 2 billion being included in the financing plans from the beginning of the year. The success of this issue proves the Investors’ confidence in the Romanian economy,” reads the document.

The Ministry of Finance came out Wednesday on international markets with two new issues of bonds, for 10 and 20 years.
Initially, the yield was announced at 205 basis points over the mid swap, but the high demand from investors allowed the state to slightly decline the yield.
The latest loans from foreign market concluded by the Ministry of Finance took place one year ago, on October 21, 2014.

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