Next-Gen Dacia Duster to be launched in early 2018

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A new model of Romanian SUV Dacia Duster will be on roads as of 2018, said Hakim Boutehra, General Manager of Renault Commercial Roumanie (RCR), the company that ensures the sales services for the Dacia, Renault and Nissan brands on the local market, informs.

Moreover, other sources on the market said that next-gen Dacia Duster will come with 7-seat option.

Asked if the next Duster will retrieve all the features that the customers appreciate at the current model, Boutehra replied: “We will try to do this!”

However, according to him, Dacia Duster with EDC (Efficient Dual Clutch) automatic transmission will be released somewhere in March-April.

“The orders are not yet open, this will happen about two weeks before launch,” RCR official noted.

Dacia Duster with dual clutch automatic gearbox EDC (Efficient Dual Clutch), presented last year at the Motor Show in Paris, will be available in Romania in February 2017, according to Dacia representatives, who say it will have “a competitive price against the competitors.”

As regards the automatic cars, the Easy-R robotic gearbox launched last summer on Logan and Sandero was a success. Currently, about 5 percent of these models are ordered with it. The company’s target is to have a mix of 5 – 6 percent car models sold with Easy-R gearbox and manual transmission.

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